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Business Insider, 26 October 2018

KaHa Leads Strategic Multipartite IoT Innovation Lab – the COVE R2C IoT Innovation Lab – to Accelerate Singapore IoT Development and Commercialization

Internet of Things (IoT) and smart wearable company KaHa today announced plans to open a multipartite innovation and research lab in Singapore, modelled after the network philosophy of IoT and created in response to market demands for faster development and...

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Agency for Science Technology and Research (A*STAR), 11 July 2018


Imagine wearing a smart shirt that tracks not only your physical activities, but also your heart rate, electrocardiography (ECG) and maximal aerobic capacity. That is the future in development here in Singapore.Currently a prototype, this smart shirt has built-in electrodes and sensors, or flexible hybrid electronics...

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The Times Of India, 08 July 2018

‘Getting smart wearables right is first step to setting up smart cities’

Pawan Gandhi, co-founder of Singapore-based tech startup Kaha, has just launched a prototype of a smart T-shirt that monitors wellness. After partnering with top European and Indian watch and jewellery companies, including Titan to power IoT (internet of things) platforms for smart watches...

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Markets Insider, 06 July 2018

ConnecTechAsia Successful in Bridging the Digital Divide for Governments, Cities and Enterprises with Showcase of Latest Tech and Trends

ConnecTechAsia, the inaugural mega technology event comprising BroadcastAsia, CommunicAsia and the new NXTAsia wrapped up last week after an exciting three days of exhibitions and a summit covering the latest innovations in cloud, blockchain, AI, VR/AR, IoT, robotics, 5G, IP broadcasting...

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28 June 2018

Interview with Pawan Gandhi CEO & Founder of KaHa at Bloomberg Radio, Daybreak Asia

The Straits Times, 25 June 2018

Smart shirt tracks your heart rate

Imagine wearing a smart shirt that tracks not only your physical activities, but also heart rate, electrocardiography(ECG) and maximal aerobic capacity. That is the future in development ...

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June 2018

Interview with Pawan Gandhi CEO & Founder of KaHa at Money FM for ConnecTechAsia

Tech360, 06 June 2018

Tech Roundup June 2018 - KaHa smart T-shirt

SIMTech Newsletter, April 2018


"KaHa is delighted to work alongside SIMTech as a strategic partner, to guide and develop the nascent but exciting Smart Wearables and Flexible Hybrid Electronics eco-system in Singapore...

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Kaha Technology Walkthrough - Exhibit Article, Mar 2018

Kaha Tech Conclave

An enchanting space which showed the company’s backend technologies and frontend user products, a Singapore-based end-to-end smart wearable IoT platform company ‘KaHa’, held its first Tech exhibition in India...

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Security Systems Today, Mar-Apr 2018

Interview with Sudheendra S. CTO & Co-Founder of KaHa

The unique patented smart wearable platform architecture company that is based in Singapore. A pioneer in the field of innovative technologies, we found out all about their IoT driven apps that aim to enhance personal and public safety...

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The Indian Express, 12 Jan 2018

KaHa’s COVE® platform now on Titan WE watch for women, but that’s just the beginning

Titan’s We smartwatch for women will be among the first wearables globally to be on the COVE® smart IoT platform from KaHa Pte Ltd. Founded by former Nokia executive Pawan Gandhi, KaHa is a Singapore-based startup that hopes to change the way wearables are used...

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Digital News Asia, 12 Jan 2018

Singapore’s KaHa introduces next-gen smart wearable OS at CES

Safety Heat Maps, Safe Route Suggestions, Sleep Better and Stress Management: these are some of the smart wearable applications that are powered by AI and Machine Learning and showcased at CES 2018 by Singapore-based KaHa...

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Hardware Zone, 12 Jan 2018

Here’s what these 5 Singapore-based startups are brewing at CES 2018

The company unveiled its own Smart Wearable Operating System at CES 2018, with features in areas like safety, fitness tracking, and health. KaHa’s COVE® AI platform and machine learning algorithms serve up useful information such as safe routes through unfamiliar cities and can generate safety heatmaps to help visualize safe zones...

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Digit, 9-12 Jan 2018

CES 2018: Smart watch powered by COVE®

The Tech Revolutionist, 10 Jan 2018

KaHa Introduces Next-Gen Smart Wearable OS at CES

Unveils Innovative Features Powered by AI and Machine Learning Capability that Redefines Consumer Experience...

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Trade Link Media, 10 Jan 2018

KaHa Introduces Next-Gen Smart Wearable OS at CES

KaHa is unveiling its smart wearable operating system which supports a range of technology verticals: safety, sports and fitness, health & wellness, and health, convenience, lifestyle, and special needs...

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E27, 21 Nov 2017

Singapore IoT company KaHa raises US$4.5M to develop white label smart wearable platforms

Singapore-based IoT solutions company KaHa has raised a US$4.5 million funding from Jungle Ventures, Metals International, YourNest, and SPRING SEEDS Capital (SSC), which is a co-investment arm of the Singapore government’s enterprise development agency, SPRING Singapore...

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Tech In Asia, 21 Nov 2017

Singapore wearable tech firm gets $4.5m for global expansion

“We want to accelerate the development of IoT as part of our ‘Smart Nation’ initiative,” said SPRING deputy chief executive Ted Tan in reference to Singapore’s digital connectedness drive. “KaHa presents a new value proposition to the market by enabling conventional watch and accessories companies to develop smart wearables”...

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Yahoo News, 21 Nov 2017

Singapore IoT company KaHa raises US$4.5M to develop white label smart wearable platforms

“As an enterprise, we are unique in that we provide complete end-to-end solutions to our brand partners to achieve world-class smart products. Our IP in both software and hardware come with a state-of-the-art social platform,” said founder and CEO, Pawan Gandhi, in an official press statement...

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Hours & Minutes Australia, 11 Sep 2017

Event Wrap: The HKTDC Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair 2017

KaHa Pte, a large Singaporean technology company, showcased a series of smart watch technology at the OEM Smart Watches zone, including cloud-based services and data analytics solutions. Justin Tang, COO and co-founder of the company, said that they had identified three to four potential buyers from the Middle East and South Africa...

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HKTDC, 09 Sep 2017

Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair 2017

Inside Retail Hong Kong, 06 Sep 2017

Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair Time again

KaHa’s Prism integrates smart technology and an analogue interface. Its high-end technology optimises battery use and offers smart apps and special features...

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HKDTC, 06 Sep 2017

Spotlight on Timely Trends and Chic Watches at the World’s Premier Timepiece Event

Time to clock in! The 36th edition of the HKTDC Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair continues with its highlight attraction, the prestigious Salon de TE, kicking off five spectacular days of timeless craftsmanship. As the world’s largest event of its kind, the fair welcomes over 820 exhibitors from 24 countries and regions this year...

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eGlobal, 31 Aug 2017

World's Largest Watch & Clock Fair Opens Next Tuesday

As smart watches have become fashionable in recent years, the HKTDC set up an “OEM Smart Watches” zone at the fair last year to showcase OEM smart watches and parts. Singaporean exhibitor KaHa Pte Ltd will present the PRiSM Slim Smart Series this year...

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12 Nov 2016

YourNest Investor Day