KaHa's suite
of wellness

Discover valuable insights based on physiological patterns picked from various sensor data like PPG, accelerometer, and temperature sensors combined with other user information.

Stress & Fatigue

Understand your stress and fatigue levels so that you can manage and take better actions

Stress patterns are picked using Heart Rate Variability providing you with relevant stress indicators throughout the day. Respond and take better actions by nudging yourself for a more active lifestyle, improving your sleep and overall wellbeing.

Solutions can also be tailored towards industry use cases such as Drowsy driver monitoring, Wellness monitoring and other customized needs.

Energy Meter

Correlate various parameters and measurements to understand your body’s Energy levels. Various conditions effect energy levels of the body and your routine, work and other activities throughout the day drains or improves your energy levels. Keep a tab on the same and understand trends to rejuvenate and repair.


Our Machine Learning algorithms pick patterns and derive insights from structured and unstructured data to create personalized experiences and provide the right nudges for you to achieve a better wellness routine day in day out.

It also helps you understand where you stand among the set of users across the globe and what you need to do to reach the optimum levels of fitness.