Addressing the New Normal and the urgent need to move care beyond clinics, The COVE ® Remote monitoring solution utilizes smart wearables for continuous vitals monitoring such as Temperature, Heart Rate, Spo2, Sleep, Stress, Fatigue and other daily Activities.

Comprehensive Cloud dashboard provides relevant stakeholders with granular data points, uncover historical data patterns and take key proactive actions

Access roles

Real-time monitoring

Auto-alert functionality

Detailed logs

Geofence tracking

Contact tracing and Social distancing

Get Social distancing alerts on your band and ensure that you maintain safe distance. Understand the people you have come in contact with using the Contact tracing solution

Highly scalable.
Plug and play
Compliance management
Custom implementations
Industry based use-cases

All our products are for non-medical use only. Any device or software is intended for general well-being purposes or to encourage or maintain a healthy lifestyle, and are NOT intended to be used for any medical purposes (such as detection, diagnosis, monitoring, management or treatment of any medical condition or disease) or for any emergency purposes or distress situations where there may be a threat to life, liberty or safety of a person. Any health-related information provided by any device or software should not be treated as a medical advice. Please consult a physician/doctor for any medical advice required.